#1 Being A Musician: You Must Be Social

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When I say social let me make it clear that I’m not going to talk about social media, I will come to that later, what I want to talk about by way of an introduction to this subject, is what’s at the core of being musician, is the fact they are on the most part sociable people, and not just with other musicians but with people in general. This is a very broad statement and you will always find some exception to the rule. Eg when you tell someone to stop smoking because it is very bad for your health and the answer will be, my great granny lived until she was 103 and smoked fifty cigarettes a day! The exception to the rule does not change the fact that they are still dangerous.

We all have music in our lives, taking part in it, singing in school, listening, dancing to it etc. Musicians are individuals who want to take part in motivating people to enjoy music and will go to great effort to learn the skill why? Because we communicate with each other by a lot more than just speaking, again I will go into this in detail later.

Music has a very unique power to reach individuals at an emotional level eg what makes people want to dance? It’s an outward expression of how the person feels about  the music.

Musicians love it when the audience express themselves how? By clapping. Okay  so now you understand where I’m coming from, in my experience  musicians are very gregarious or sociable, in other words they like people despite what their on stage presence is like, what you will discover is that they are happy to talk to you and very friendly. Try not to be influenced by their press persona because that’s all it is, what makes good press, watch a live interview on you tube and you will be more likely to see the real person.

Are you thinking about becoming a musician as a hobby, part time, or full time job, start by taking an interest in people and learn to give a little of yourself to others, because that’s what it means to be a musician. You will be amazed at the difference this will make to your life.

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