#1 Choosing Your Instrument: Introduction

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My first instrument was the piano accordion, my Dad chose it for me, at the age of thirteen and I took lessons for 2 years, at the age of fifteen I started to get paid gigs. The piano accordion lessons is one of the best things that ever happened to me and it changed my life completely.

I practiced for about two hours every night, I think that every child should at least get the opportunity to have music lessons. As you can see from my list there was no stopping me once I got started. I was asked why I didn’t play any wind instruments, the answer is simple; you cant play a horn and sing at the same time. My  desire to learn was insatiable, sometimes annoying to others, and frustrating to myself. When I worked out how to play something it was so exhilarating  I would try to tell my mother what I had done but she would just nod.

What I will try to do in this blog series, is to explain what it was like for each instrument on the list and perhaps, give you one or two tips to help you get started.

What I must say right at the get go is!! There is no substitute for a good teacher. For me once I got started there was no time for a teacher between the gigs and all the practice, times have changed it is much easier to get a good music teacher now.

Numbers 1 to 6 were all learned in my teen’s, mostly because I was always playing in a band and loved to experiment with the unique sounds from the different instruments.

You might think that the four guitar types are the same, but they are not you will just need to take my word on that for now. My newest instrument is the ukulele and I just bought it this week.

So here we go, I’m really looking forward to writing this blog, can you tell.

1…Piano accordion
3…Pop piano
4…Acoustic guitar
5…Electric guitar
6…Bass guitar
7…Classical guitar
8…Drum kit
10..Bodhran drum

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