#1 Getting Discovered: Introduction

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I think the idea of a musician being discovered is now completely out of date, lets face it if someone wanted to find you all they would need is your name and google it. What you really mean of course, is that you want your talent to be discovered. Now go to you tube and type in your song or whatever it is you do and it should come up somewhere. Am I being cynical? Probably but it can be very hard to accept the truth when it’s staring you right in the face.

What we used to have is a thing called the hit parade, which was a bit like a beauty contest, they are all very pretty but who is going to win? The judges decided that one by the use of their superior wisdom!! In the UK we had BBC Radio 1, and Top of the Pops,  but Top of the Pops was only a product of radio 1, the BBC also controlled the hit TV programme. The large record labels would pay large amounts of cash  for pluggers, to promote a single to the DJ’s but the DJ’s had very little say on what would actually get played, that was up to a select committee of a few people just like the judges in the beauty contest. It was this  committee who would pick the winners, and the prize was airplay. Now I’m not saying that this was good or bad it’s just the way it was, and mere mortals like you and me can only imagine the kind of power play and manipulation that must have happened with all that control in the hands of just a few people.

The internet has democratised the music business and all the big players searching for big money from talented musicians are all but gone, is this a bad thing? It was certainly simpler but with less choice, I think the cracks started to show when Punk Rock hit the scene in the late seventies, they were uncontrollable but the music moguls still managed to get in there.

So are you going to get discovered, yes it is possible but not in the same way as it was in the early days of the music business. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do have a fair amount of experience that might help you to at least get started because all we want to do is create great music and make some kind of living from it.

What I will try to do in this series of blogs is eliminate some of the candy and get down to how you can get yourself discovered.

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