#1 Introduction: My First Screenplay

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Writing a screenplay is like a journey to the centre of the earth, just keep digging and you might get there one day if you don’t die first. Now if you have a notion to write anything please don’t let me put you off your goal, especially if you are considering some kind of course on screenwriting, because I would definitely recommend you take any course that is available to you. If you have read any of my other blogs you will know that I’ve had very little formal education in the arts except once a week music lessons for the piano accordion, for about 2 years, which is a world away from writing a screenplay.

I have had a little experience with two amateur stage plays, and only with the music, but my favourite music genre is musicals, any kind anywhere, I love the feel good factor. I don’t want to go to any movie or stage play for  a reality check, I’ll take the fantasy, I live with reality every day and I can cope with a 90 minute to 2 hour feel good thing, every once in a while.

I started this adventure one year ago. Both my parents have passed away, but I clearly remember speaking to my mother several years earlier, and she asked me if I would like anything left to me in her will. I couldn’t think of anything at the time, but a few years after that I was at home with her and she was sorting out some old letters, I asked her what they were, “It’s all the letters that your Dad wrote to me when he did his national service in the army” She let me read a couple of them, I could not believe it. My father was a man’s man, big boys don’t cry and all that stuff, I suddenly saw my Dad from a completely different perspective, to say I was amazed, is an understatement. You are probably starting to guess the link, yes I asked my Mum if I could inherit my Dad’s letter’s, she said that she would love to leave them to me. At my mother’s funeral a year ago January 2016 my brother came over to me with the box, and when I got home I started to read the letters. I’ll just give you a little taster of what they are like.

Quote; I made a B line down the stairs again, you know last night when you were ready to go out, well sweetheart you looked smashing, I could have kissed you right there and then and that’s putting it mildly darling. You stood out a mile.

This gave me the inspiration to write the story, it’s not an historical account but a story in Edinburgh late 40’s to early 50’s  in Scotland after the war, this was the called the baby boomer years, and when I was born.

I can’t give you any details about the plot because it keeps on changing, but I will write about some of the background research and how I’m getting on with a very steep learning curve.

The pic is my Mum & Dad’s wedding photo.

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