#1 Learn To Dance: Getting Started

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I started ballroom dancing in 2008 with my wife Karen, the only kind of dancing I had ever done before this was free style (or embarrassed but doing it anyway and Ceilidh. Karen had several trophies for Highland dancing, and I mistakenly thought she could obviously dance anything.

The problem was this;  when we danced ballroom together, we learned in different ways, she would copy the steps in robot fashion, I could do this also but intuitively connected with the music quicker than she did. Now this is the interesting part, Karen took ill and missed two lessons, but I continued on my own and memorised all the basic steps for two dances. When we went to the next lesson, and we went into hold, she immediately could dance along with me….because I was leading her.

The Lesson Learned
In ballroom the man must lead the woman, if he doesn’t know the steps it will be a disaster, when you (the man) knows the steps, you will be able to dance together. Hey it’s  not going to be perfect but you will get there eventually.

In this blog I’m going to give you tips on how to become a dancer, some determination and dedication will be needed but it is well worth the effort.

So when you watch dancers and you start to wonder “How did they get so good?” stop it now….It comes down to three words….Practice Practice Practice

Remember this disclaimer What! Yes! All this information is based on my own personal experience, but I’m sure you will find something of value for yourself in this material and maybe a couple of laughs  along the way.

I found this pic in my archives, yes that’s us dancing after 4 lessons not bad eh!

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