#1 Learn To Dance: Introduction

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Nothing annoys me more than performing at a gig in a crowded room at some function, we play the first few numbers in our set, the band is cooking and the audience are loving the music, but it’s a dance and not one person is ready to start dancing, that’s what there here for, to dance. This could be a British thing but I suspect not.

I’m the person up-front in the band and it’s my job to encourage the reluctant dancers to make their first move, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, my last resort is this, I come of the stage with the radio microphone and choose a female partner who is a little smaller than me and ask her to dance, now this is the fun part, she will nearly always be very shy and say “oh no I couldn’t” and exactly on queue the rest of the room will start to shout her on (remember none of them have been on the floor yet except to get to the bar) she reluctantly  concedes  and I take her by the hand to the floor. When we reach the centre of the dance floor I take her in hold for the dance, she will now lean forward to me and say these immortal words “but I can’t dance”. I reassure her and say don’t worry I will lead you. This works every time and the rest of the guests will start to dance after I have completely embarrassed my poor hostage. 

The main point is this, in all the couple dancing I know, it is the male who is to lead his female partner and it is his responsibility to learn the dance, for a little effort you will be amazed at how much more you will enjoy any event if you can dance. Now we are not talking about show dancing or ballet here, we are going to consider social dancing which is a very simple skill and you can learn basic steps in about 15 to 20 minutes for one dance, so come on guys get your dancing shoes on.

In this series of blogs I’m going to give you some of my experiences of learning to dance, there are so many funny and enjoyable moments, I will need to think of some way to narrow it down to a few blogs in a logical way, and I will add links when appropriate for you to go and learn a dance, so get ready to dance you won’t regret it.

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