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Getting a gig used to be easy, you phoned up the agent and he would hold auditions, if they liked what they heard, he would book gigs for you and take a percentage. Some things back then were worse than now but getting a gig was not one of them, it’s a lot different now, I’m not sure why but, I think it could be two things:

1…There is a lot more musicians looking for work, which makes the market

2…The standard of musicianship has improved, so if you want to perform at the
highest level you had better start practicing a lot!!

When I did my first recordings  in the swing genre, all the musicians were first class, they could all read music and rehearsal time was short because it didn’t take them long to learn the songs.

I’ve now recorded 3 EP’s (12 tracks) and, I’m ready now, to do more gigs as an original band mixed with some cover songs. Next I searched jazz bars Scotland, of which I found 15,  10 with email contact, and 5 with phone. First I got to work on the email content. My email message is listed below, I’ve tried to keep it as concise as possible, but every time I look at it I think it could be better.

I’ve had no reply’s yet but this is only the 2nd day, I emailed them yesterday, what I do know is, a promoter has played a tracked and looked at my EPK. So something is better than nothing.

Looking For A Gig (sample)

Hi,  I’m Ronald Simone, crooner/songwriter, and making plans for 2018 with my trio.
Although the single from my 3rd EP received over 100k spins on radio, and the past 3 years over 13k fans worldwide, we all agreed that it’s time to do more live work.

The live set is a combination of Sinatra, Buble’ and original material.
Best Regards
Ronald Simone

01738 451973


I will keep you up to date on my progress in this series of blogs, I’m not sure how it will proceed but I will keep you posted good or bad.

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