#1 Music In My Opinion: TV Reality Shows

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The TV reality show is a very simple formula; Contestants, Judges and the Presenter or presenters, and last but not least the voting audience. I’m not a hater of this formula, just very weary with the ongoing train journey of wannabe’s,  with their dreams binned at each stop on the journey, to reach the final destination, with only one person or group of persons, achieving the opportunity of fame and fortune.

The talent contest is nothing new, it goes back a long way in our culture, the problem with the formula, is two things;

1) Music is art, NOT a sport, and the fundamental idea of music and musicians in
competition with each other, just doesn’t  seem right to me and has certainly not
been my experience working with musicians.

2) The audience is very fickle, a vote is about the same as a like on Face Book, it’s
good to have them, but only a small percentage convert into real fans.

A much better barometer of where you are in the world of music, is when fans and venues put the proverbial hand in their pocket and buy your music, or pay you for the job. The TV reality show feeds on the poison challis of making it to the top, because the next step is, how are you going to stay at the top of this very precarious mountain?

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