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I must tell you from the off-set that I’ve had no training/education as a screenwriter, but in my usual brash way! I decided to give it a go, and I would pick up the pieces later. The only experience I can lay claim to in this art form, is being the musical director for 3 musical stage plays.

The Inspiration for the Story
My Father died in January 2008 and my Mother in March 2016. After my father died my mother wanted to start making arrangements for her funeral and she asked me if there was anything that I would like to have as keepsake. I couldn’t think of anything at the time, but a few months later I had to go and see her again, when I arrived at the house she was reading some letters. I was very curious to say the least, so I asked her who wrote the letters, to my complete surprise she said this “why these are the letters that your Dad wrote me, during his national service in the army, before we were married” this would be the early 50’s. They were all numbered in order and neatly tucked unto a fancy brown box, and I asked her if I could read a couple. I suddenly new my Dad from a completely different perspective, I new him as a mans, man big boy’s don’t cry and all that stuff, but in these letters he was soft gentle, loving and very considerate of my mothers feelings.

I had to visit her a few months later, and I made her a cup of tea, then I reminded her about what she asked me a few months earlier, what I would like to have left to me in her will, so I asked her if she would leave me the letters from Dad . She didn’t even think about, she said “what a lovely idea, off course you can have them”

When my mother died 8 years later I had forgotten all about the letters until my brother Stuart came over to me and presented me with the box of letters. This brought a smile to my face on a very sad day, and I still have them, it feels like I still have a part of them still with me.

I learned so much about both my parents, at times when I was reading them I could hardly believe it was them. Dad would number the pages in kisses  eg page x page xx etc, What I did begin realize was how much I was like my Mum and Dad.

I wanted to write a story about them that represented the essence of them but not biographical. So I started my research about the army, Edinburgh during that era, music of the time, where did they go to dance because my parents were very good ballroom dancers, and more.

In the next blog I’ll tease you with little bits of the story. The urge to write the story was very compelling, I just couldn’t stop my self, but I’ve had so many high’s and low’s it’s going to be hard to know where to start.

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