#1 Song and Dance Club: Getting Started

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The title of the club is what it’s about. Great Songs and learning to dance, swing style Lindy Hop, tap and others. The learning to dance is with Dance teachers 1hour before, the band starts.

I want to start a club, to reach more fans from around my local area in Perth (Scotland) I’ve done this before, but the numbers always dwindled until it was impractical , and I closed-down both projects. You would be right to think! Why start- up again, if it didn’t work before? This is a good question and I’ll give you my best but, honest answer.

1…I’m a very determined person and I don’t like to be a failure at anything, this is not
     as egotistical as it sounds. Sometimes in life you can learn more from what you fail
     at than from what you succeed in. I’m going to use a phrase that is said over and
     over again to students who are learning to play a musical instrument.

If you want to improve you must practice. Remember; “Practice Makes Perfect” this is not just a load of rubbish, but extremely discouraging, can you imagine sitting for hours trying to get every note perfect, for a piece of music. The truth is it just sounds good and has become a cliché because practice rhymes with perfect. The truth is sometimes the mistake’s present some new possibilities that you never considered before, and can form the basis of your next masterpiece.

2…When I began the clubs the first time I promoted them in the traditional way,
      posters, flyers and the local press. This was my first mistake, how was I to know,
      the huge swing of change that was happening with advertising on social media and
      the internet.

3…Incentives and give-aways: You won’t get anybody to come to your gig, unless
     you’ve made a name for yourself in some way. Like 1 million views on you tube or  
     a live gig on national TV.

     Eg First Night everyone gets in free and a free dance lesson, a free CD, one free
     drink at the bar (like the drinks are on me). When you find what works for you
     claim it against your expenses, expect to be out of pocket, at least for the first gig.

Before you get started get your website ready to sell tickets and have all the information everyone will need to get to the gig. Get them to sign-up for your REGULAR NEWS LETTER keeping them up-to-date, with guest artists etc.

If you are thinking that this sounds like a lot of work — Then you would be right!

Points numbered 1 to 3 are the mistakes I made in the past, and I will keep you posted as always about my progress or lack of it.

In my next blog I’ll talk to you about creating a campaign on face book. If you have had some success relating to this blog, I would be glad to hear from you. 

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