#1 Song Writing

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I received a very good question from one of my readers; How can creative song writing be taught in a standardised way? The answer is not an easy one but what I will say is this YES it can be taught and I am presently formalising a programme of lessons for video.

Let me take one word from the question for the time being “standardisation” or standard, in the business we speak of songs as being a standard, this term means that the song has stood the test of time and continues to be played or covered over and over again. The first thing a songwriter should do is pick his or her genre and do some research on the standard songs for the chosen genre. Once you have collected about ten songs, you now need to do your homework, chord charts, bass lines, riffs etc. What will happen in this process is this, subconsciously you are starting to get into the mind of these writers and you will begin to feel how the music comes together.

Ok so now you’ve done your homework it’s time to start writing, now pick a successful song you don’t know from your chosen genre but don’t listen to it, Google the chords only and check out the structure how does it compare to your standards? so now you have a format or standardisation that you can work with, you will add chords to your piece or takeaway chords it’s of no matter, what is important is what is inside your head.

The Incredible thing about the human race is this, we all use the same equipment, our incredible brain, speech, hands etc but everyone of us is unique, an individual, what you are trying to do as an artist is finding that unique person inside you and expressing that in your music, that’s why the music will never end.

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