#1 The Mission Statement

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In a recent interview I was asked; So what is the mission statement for your music?
In my mind the word mission had a religious connection, so while I was put of guard with the question, I did understand it and stumbled my way through the answer.

As a songwriter I like words, and how I can use them, so the first thing I did when I got home was look up the dictionary. Oxford Dictionary:  mission 1a a particular task or goal assigned to a person or group.

The question was correct and my understanding of the word was limited to say the least. This blog answer the above question properly.

What I always wanted to d as a musician is be a successful songwriter. As a working musician I needed  to earn some more cash. I started to learn Sinatra songs, simply because I liked them I used to listen to them without analysing, because the band sound seemed out of reach for me, but I could get backing tracks minus the vocal. The audience liked this so much, it took me by surprise, and I assumed they all loved old blue eyes. I said this to a fan and he said to me; “This lot are not interested in Sinatra they like you”

The next step was to do a recording of my self with a track singing a Sinatra song, I was very surprised indeed because it did sound so different from anything I had ever done before this. I know now that I was singing in my chest voice which sounded lower. I had accidentally stumbled into a style of music, that suited me perfectly, I also loved the ad lib vocal style, which played around with melody.

The challenge to write  songs in this style became irresistible, I studied songs from the Great American Song Book, and I quickly realised I was dealing with the masters of the craft, and started to write original songs in that style. I did my first recording in January 2013.

My mission is to write songs as good as these song masters who are largely unknown but the music is unforgettable. George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein, Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer, to name a few. I believe that my 3rd EP Win Win Win, has found my voice as an artist and I can’t wait to start recording the new songs.

The combination of melody, rhythm and great lyrics is the mission!

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