#10 Being A Musician: Training Your Audience Part 3

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Social media is a good way to start training your fans, keep them up to date about what you are doing at least once a week, and give them news about any minor success on your personal journey with your music. Make your fans special give them opportunities to hear your music before anyone else allow them to have their say on what they like and what they don’t like, this process can give you the edge on what your fans like to hear, by making them a very important part of your eventual success.

In my experience it’s at the live gigs where you get the most important feed back and the best fans, social media is great but I wouldn’t depend on it for everything, some people may like your face book page but may not be totally into your music.

At live gigs  there is nearly always a lot coming for the first time, usually along with your regular fans, it’s at these gigs where the real training begins, give the song a little introduction about the narrative can work but keep it short and sweet. I’m the vocalist in my band so when the horns play I point to the guys and they stand up, you can do this with the whole band in different parts of the song. I discovered this simple point by accident when I pointed to sax section so one of the guys stood up and the other two followed. You would not believe how many fans said to me about that moment, what I do now is rehearse this before the gig, because it’s this visual training that trains your audience what to listen for, plus it looks totally amazing, so take a few tips from the Rock Stars, they new what they were doing, it’s more than the music it’s the experience of being present at an incredible live show, which your fans will never forget. I’ve sold more CD’s etc at live gigs than anything that’s been bought on line, maybe that will change sometime but in the meantime I just can’t wait for the next live gig.

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 blogs about being a musician I didn’t plan 10 it just happens to be 10. With a special thanks to my regular readers of this blog  and your kind comments. 

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