#10 Choosing Your Instrument: Vocals

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I know that some would argue that vocals is not really an instrument, but I disagree.
Here is the dictionary definition of musical instrument: a device for producing musical sounds, by vibration, wind, percussion etc. The vocal cords vibrate when air from the lungs pass through them, and the vocal cords produce speech and singing.
The truth is, the human voice as a musical instrument, and was probably how we learned to play musical instruments, many musical instruments mimic the human voice.

The human voice is the most incredible tool and each persons vocal tone is unique to the individual, as fingerprints. Since the invention of the microphone, the human voice has played a unique roll in the progress of popular music, and it has kept music to the forefront of popular culture.

So you want to sing! no one is born to sing, and everyone can have go at singing, but I think the biggest mistake we ever made was  karaoke machines. Yes everyone can have a go but most of it is just awful, because people try to perform songs that are just not within their vocal range or ability, it’s like asking someone in the crowd from a  sports stadium, to run the 100 meters with Usain Bolt.

The human voice just like any other musical instrument, IT needs practice. I’ve been singing seriously for the past 7 years and I’m still learning the craft. I teach pop vocals at the Perthshire Music School, and one of my students Kaleigh Robertson achieved a distinction (the highest mark) in all of her 8 grades, at the London College of Music.

You will only improve your vocals if you practice regularly, know your vocal range, and the genre you will be performing in. A good vocal coach can make the difference to a polished performance and a great performance, even Michael Jackson had a vocal coach.

I’m now totally hooked on being front stage as the singer, it has it’s dangers, but the rewards  out weigh this by at least fifty to one. I used to sing at gigs for dancing, but I’ve now stopped doing dancing gigs because I’ve got used to people listening to me, in a sit down audience. I know this sounds conceited but I just enjoy the gig so much more.

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