#10 Learn To Dance: Tap Dancing! The Duke

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Everything was going really well, for the next few weeks but I wanted to reach performance level faster, so I bought a routine from my online dance teacher Rod Howell. The level is advanced beginner, I’m a beginner, not an advanced beginner, but I liked the music and the steps, so I decided to go for it and learn the steps at my own pace. Now I’m working on this routine but still going to my tap dance lessons once a week and I seemed to be coping ok.

Learning with the video is really good you can go back and forward as much as you like, and Rod is a great teacher. The Duke is the title of the song written by Rod and there is 9 sections on the video, in each section he will take you through the steps, slow and on each repeat, he will go a little faster, adding new steps on, until you reach the end of the section. What he does next is really good, he will review what you have done about three times and then go through the whole section a couple of times, these repeats worked well for me. Lets say you have arrived at section 5, he will do the same but at the end he will add on section 1 to 4 and he will go through the routine with you. To finish of he will then add the music playing a little slower and then at the proper tempo.

I started tap dancing in September 2015, and about the end of October I had reached section 5 and I’m very pleased with myself, enjoying my dance video and my group tap dancing at the dance school. Julie, my local dance instructor makes an announcement, to the group! Which is a massive surprise to me, not to anyone else  just me.

I will tell you more about this in the next exciting blog.

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