#10 Screenwriter: The Plot: 7

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Plot Point 7
Ally (either true or unintentional) aids Hero by propelling him out of the status quo.

There are two things that drive your Hero: his wants and his needs. Sometimes itʼs the same thing. Usually, theyʼre different, but related in that the Hero often gets what he wants only by first getting what he needs.

Plot Point 7 brings into the Heroʼs story an ally who is going to help move the hero along the path towards achieving either the specific goal of what the Hero wants, or more often than not, what the Hero needs by breaking the status quo of the Heroʼs world. Sometimes these allies are true allies like Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter.

Sometimes they grow to become true allies, such as R2D2. Sometimes they are anonymous characters who move into the story, serve the ally function of the plot point, and disappear.

In STAR WARS, R2D2 runs off to find Obi-Wan and Luke is forced to track him down. The end result of R2ʼs running off? Because Luke left to find R2, he wasnʼt on the family farm when the Storm troopers arrived looking for the droids, sparing him from the same death as his aunt and uncle. R2 was on his own agenda, wasnʼt trying to help Luke, but in the end R2 has inadvertently saved Lukeʼs life and started him on the path of becoming a Jedi, saving the Princess, and destroying the Death Star.

The Swede at the beginning of TITANIC who, by losing his ticket to Jack Dawson in a game of cards, starts Jack on a journey that will change his and Roseʼs lives.

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