#10 Short Film on a Shoe String: The Green Screen

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When I had the great idea of a green screen, we all thought any kind of green curtain would do the job, but that was a big mistake, because the colour didn’t key in properly in the editing process and we ended up with blotches on the screen. This mistake cost about £350, so buy the proper stuff for the job. I think we have the unusable curtain, rolled in a box, somewhere  and  I don’t think we could sell it, because it’s just such a bland colour.

Why have a green screen?
It is useful for a certain type of scene in a movie, the larger your set-up the more sophisticated you can be. For a music video you can make it look like the band is performing on a lake or at the top of a mountain.

For a movie I think they work best in the action scenes, or if you want a person to look as if they are in Brazil at a street party, you just buy  footage of a Brazilian street party.

If you are a reader of my blog, again I have to mention, that I’m not into all the technical stuff, but I can tell you that there is a fair bit of work goes into the post editing for green screen scenes to look good, and realistic.

Cameron our youngest team member filmed a behind the scenes video for the song “Win Win Win” I’m sure you will get some idea of what is involved in raising a green screen from this. Cameron also did some interviews in this vid, if the link fails I’ve included  some images.

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