#10 What I’ve Learned from Teaching Music: Students become Friends

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Students that I have taught now teach students at the music school and have been coming to the music school from about six years old to seventeen years old and the weekly lesson has become part of their lives.

The group lesson is much more open and students learn to express themselves in the group, even very shy students find a voice and it’s not very long before they start to talk back to me. Maybe this is just me, but I really enjoy this, and I love hearing their opinions, which has been on all sorts of subjects, once they start to talk to you can learn so much. The only drawback with this is I need to remind them that they are here for  a music lesson and we need to get back to what they are here for.

When Top of the Pops ended I stopped listening to Pop music  but I have been kept up to date by my students, we find the artist they like on You tube and most of what they bring up on the screen  sounds pretty good to me.

Not many of the students that I’ve taught have made a career out of music, perhaps  not more that a handful,  but thousands of students, now have a musical skill which will be with them for life. There is now much more scientific evidence about the emotional and educational advantages of learning a musical instrument at an early age, and how unique this ability is to us humans.

I have enjoyed reviewing what I’ve learned from teaching music and I’m absolutely certain it’s a profession of high value though it is not often seen that way.

Traditional school for me doesn’t  have very many lasting good memories but I do remember my own music teacher with such high regard that I can not put it into words. What I can say is this he didn’t just teach me music, he managed to tell me how much he loved music but not in these exact words, it is more the impression he has left me with.

The most influential people in my life comes down to two men and one woman, my father who thought it was important for his sons to have music lessons and my mother who loved me no matter how many mistakes I made. Finally my music teacher who for only two years taught me to play the piano accordion, I can only imagine what direction my life would have taken if I didn’t learn to play that accordion.

Never underestimate the positive influence you can have in the lives of young people by teaching them to play a musical instrument.

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