#11 Learn To Dance: Tap Dancing! I’ll Never Be Ready

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I had been going to tap dance lessons for 10 weeks, I’m  a beginner and I wasn’t  keeping up with the woman in the group who are not beginners, most of them started dancing when they were young girls. I had no great expectations but I had started my routine to the music of  The Duke at my own pace and I was enjoying my sessions in the dance class.

Julie announces in October 2015 that we will be performing at the concert hall in Perth January 2016 about 11 weeks forward, everyone was very pleased except me, I said to Julie “I’ll never be ready to do a routine in such a short time” but she insisted that I would be good for this, and then I insisted and said “I already stand out like a sore thumb just because I’m a male, how bad will it be, if I totally mess up on stage” but she would have none of it, then everybody else had a little say, telling me how good I was etc. So I agreed to be involved but very reluctantly indeed.

We now started the routine to the track “Spirits of Rhythm” I could work out right from the beginning that I would need to work on the steps at home, so I stopped practicing the steps for “The Duke” and put all my efforts into this new routine.

I had lots of difficulty in learning what I had to do, there were lots of highs and lows but I will save some of this for the next blog.

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