#11 My Top Ten Mistakes as a Songwriter The Desire for Fame

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Mark Knoplfer  said “the price of success is fame” in other words the desire for fame and the fulfilment it brings are two different things. My earliest music hero was John Lennon who was shot dead on December 8th 1980, which is  an extreme penalty on the price of fame.  Perhaps you could cope with it, all that attention, signing autographs, constant photo shoots etc., The music business is always presenting itself on a constant merry-go-round of joy and happiness, but this is so far from the truth and gives no regard for all the hard work involved, or how difficult it is to try and maintain the goal of fame that you have now achieved.

Answer this question; Would you get involved in a live TV show that tries to humiliate you in anyway possible eg depriving you of food, getting jungle heat exhaustion, film you when you go to the toilet or put your head in a box of bugs?  If your answer is yes, you must have a strong desire to be famous, because only a celebrity would do this, in an effort to rekindle the flickering flame of fame.
For me it would be a definite no thank you very much but I’m not that desperate and want to hold on to some dignity for the profession I love. Think not of the winners from the all the TV talent shows but of all the shattered dreams taken away, from individuals who are on this mindless quest for fame.

On a personal note, this is mistake number 10, and I remember practicing my autograph, yes I was guilty of the fame thing, thankfully I grew up in time and learned that there is much more important things in life than such a fickle thing as fame. 

But what do I do now I hear you shouting! My Dad was working class, and had all sorts of sayings he would pass on to me and my brothers,  this one has stuck with me, “you don’t get anything for nothing in this life, you only get what you work hard for” Work hard on your chosen profession to be the best you can be, never be afraid to promote your work, build a good team around you and your song writing, take care of your fans, they will put food on the table.

Think of how many mistakes you made when you were learning to play your instrument, it hasn’t  stopped you playing your music, you learn so much more from mistakes you make than from the ones you don’t make.

Do not let your mistakes hold you back because that could be your biggest mistake.

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