#11 Screenwriter: The Plot: 8

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Plot Point 8
The Hero seems ready to move forward toward goal and/or Stakes Character, but can’t.

Now that an ally has moved the Hero towards his goal, the Hero must decide whether to remain bound by his ordinary life or go for something bigger. Often the Hero is a Reluctant Hero and needs some prodding. Nowhere is this more true than on the personal level. To change the course of one’s life is difficult. Often, when the opportunity is presented, the heart says “yes”, while the mind starts raising all sorts of very reasonable objections. In the classic mythic structure this is the:-

Call to Adventure/Refusal of the Call.
In TITANIC, Jack sees Rose for the first time but doesn’t dare go after her. He’s an itinerant artist travelling in steerage, she’s a rich girl in first class.

In STAR WARS, Luke is asked by Obi-Wan to join him in his quest to save the Princess and become a Jedi, but Luke can’t leave the farm with all the work that needs to be done.

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