#12 Learn To Dance: Tap Dancing! The Phone Video

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Julie is very patient and a very good teacher, she can work out what we could all do and what was going to look the best in the performance. What I like about her most though is her style of dance, all the movements are very lyrical and pleasing to the eye (when you get it right) I think this is probably because she was trained as a ballet dancer but she can also do tap and all the modern stuff to.  I have a little experience in Latin and ballroom but only self taught from DVD’s, but my absolute favourite is tap dancing, I think if I had some lessons when I was a teenager I could have been a decent dancer, or so I thought until I started this routine.

I had a very simple problem to start with, I just couldn’t remember any of the steps, by the time I got home, it was all gone and I mean nothing was there, all I could do was look at my feet, feeling depressed is not the word for this, I was ready to give up.

I had just purchased a new phone, with all the bells and whistles that I never use, but it does have an HD camera and video, so now I could video the steps at the lesson and try them out when I got home. Julie didn’t think that I needed the video but in this instance, she was wrong and eventually worked along with me in the lesson. As soon as I got home from the lesson all I did was upload the video to my lap top, this for me was brilliant, at least I managed to learn all the steps and I would go to the lesson with a lot more confidence, I even passed on some video’s to the other dancers, because they could see the difference in my dancing.

This was by no means a complete solution but a very important one to remember, you may think because you have done some dancing you can switch to other types of dance with ease, please don’t be fooled, only professional dancers can do this, for the rest of us, only hard work and a lot of sweat gets the job done.

I still have a few more hurdles to jump over yet and the date for the live performance starts to loom very large indeed. I asked myself this question a lot, What are you doing? Will tell you more in the next update.

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