#12 Screenwriter: The Plot: 9

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Plot Point 9
The Antagonist or Deflector conflict stops the Hero or threatens emotional stakes. Whatever or whoever has been lurking in the background starts moving into the foreground of the Heroʼs world.

In STAR WARS, the Jawas are found dead and itʼs deduced to be the work of Storm troopers.

Plot Point 10
The depth of feeling between the Hero and the Stakes Character or the severity of the threat to the Victims is brought out.
In Act I itʼs important to reinforce a few things, and one of those are the stakes. The reader should know who the main character is, who the antagonist is, and who or what is at stake. All thatʼs missing is that final acceptance on the part of the Hero. The purpose of Plot Point 10 is to make sure that the stakes are very clear.

In STAR WARS, Luke sees his aunt and uncle have been murdered showing the severity of threat.

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