#13 Learn To Dance: Tap Dancing! The Dress Rehearsal

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The live show is now only 3 weeks away and we are into January 2016, I’ve been practicing the steps at home with the music and I can get through the song but I don’t feel very confident. I also don’t get ill very often but at this time I’m very ill indeed and have been in bed for at least a week and I try to dance when I’m feeling a bit better but I keep forgetting everything, perhaps it’s all just nerves.

I’m now back at my dance class with just two weeks to the live show and  everybody is better than me, there was only one thing to do practice, practice, practice and I did about an hour every day up to the dress rehearsal, which was on the Friday night before the show. We walk onto the stage about 9:30pm and of we go, the stage feels as if it is ten times larger than what we had rehearsed before, and I mess up and so do one or two others, and we have another go. The second attempt isn’t much better, so I shout out into the dark we need to do it again, the answer was no! we only have time for two run trough’s for each dance, I now insist, by demonstrating how large my room is in the house and I need at least one more try out, to get it right. The answer was still no, disappointed I left the stage working my way through a large group of young girls at the side stage all dressed in different costumes. I asked them are you on next?  no they said we heard you arguing with the dance teacher and decided to come and see how you got on. I’m still breathing right now, but if she comes looking for me tell her I’ve gone home, I thought that was funny instead they all looked worried for me.

The live show is the next day, or I should say two shows one in the afternoon and another in the evening, there was more fun and games but I will save this for the next blog.

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