#13 Screenwriter: The Plot: 11 -12

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Plot Point 11
The Deflector or Antagonist threatens to take the Stakes Character from the Hero.

This is a beat which the Hero may or may not be aware of as it is happening.

In STAR WARS, this beat is the start of the interrogation scene where Darth Vader enters the Princessʼs cell with his nasty floating droid. Luke is unaware that this is going on, has no connection yet with the Princess outside of knowing her situation, but the scene serves to make the audience anxious for Luke to start being heroic and go save her.

Plot Point 12
The Hero decides that he must act to save the Stakes Character.

This is it, the call to adventure can no longer be refused. The Hero is forced out of complacency and must start looking to create a new equilibrium in his life. His life cannot be the same from this point forward.

In STAR WARS, Luke returns to Obi-Wan and tells him that he wants to go to Alderaan and learn the ways of the force like his father.

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