#14 Learn To Dance: Tap Dancing! The Live Show

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I’m a seasoned performer and I’ve been performing live music for many years and there is nothing I liked better than playing in a great band, however live dance is quite different in some ways and exactly the same in other ways.

There is a tension that comes with the live show and some cope with this better than others, personally I’ve never really had any issues with performing, in some ways I feel at home on a stage, occasionally I have pretended to be nervous to make others feel better. The most annoying thing about a one of performance, is that it is over in a few minutes and afterward you start to wonder what all the fuss was about, plus you don’t have time to feel a vibe from the audience.

With our tap dance routine we had an afternoon performance and one in the evening show. I felt fine walking onto the stage with my female partners and we all looked as though were ready to go and do the business. There wasn’t any big mistakes and the mostly adult audience loved the routine, however there was a few little mistakes, which we sorted for the evening show. What I learned is that you also get a vibe from the other dancers and if one of them is not feeling to confident, this can affect others in the group. One of the more experienced dancers said to me “you are the centre of attention you need to take the lead, or at least look as if you are in control” I new exactly what she meant, she also said “keep your head up and smile” I didn’t need anymore encouragement and the evening performance was superb, we all came of the stage very pleased with ourselves. We have since performed the same routine at my dance club, which made the event something a bit special.

There is much more to come, two video’s with dance included, I hope that you have enjoyed this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.  I think if it is physically possible everyone should try to dance, you won’t regret it, just stay with the music you like, and learn the dance steps for that genre. If you have any questions you would like to ask me just contact me through the Ronald Simone website. 

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