#14 Screenwriter: The Four Questions and The Central Question

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In ascertaining whether a story is worth telling, it’s a good idea to ask yourself the following Four Questions:

1. Who is your main character?
2. What is he trying to accomplish?
3. Who is trying to stop him?
4. What happens if he fails?

Answering these questions as I was writing the story, helped me to keep focused on what the story is about, which is just one person, the hero and we want our audience on the side of the hero, and willing him to achieve his goal.

The Central Question
Now, it’s time to not only create the Central Question, which we know once it’s answered, our story is over. The question that follows is from my own screenplay;

“The Palais”
Can Eddie Carter protect Nannette Barclay from his nemesis, Commander Tom Campbell, and still form his own band? If there’s any vagueness answering the questions, do not continue with the idea until you can clearly answer the questions.

1..Private Eddie Carter – Protagonist
2..Major Tom Campbell – Antagonist

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