#18 Screenwriter: Act III; Plot Point Overview

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This phase of the hero’s journey, consists of four plot points — two yeses’ and two no’s — but their order is a little different from the reversals in Act II and perfectly suited to help close out the action of your story.

The last four plot points, in order, are BIG YES, NO, BIG NO, FINAL YES.

BIG YES – The Hero has achieved a substantial victory.
George McFly defeats Biff in BACK TO THE FUTURE.

NO – The Hero suffers a setback; it’s not fatal, but it’s really, really bad:
In BACK TO THE FUTURE, Marty tries to give Emmett a note about the future that will save his life (saving Emmettʼs life is one of Martyʼs goals); however, Emmett rips the note up.

BIG NO – things go from really bad to much worse. . . disaster. . . failure. The situation is hopeless. Marty finally makes it BACK TO THE FUTURE after much difficulty only to arrive a few moments too late to save Emmett.

What will our heroes do?

FINAL YES – Pulling success from the jaws of failure, the Hero achieves his main goal, although sometimes the goal can be quite different from what the Hero first set out to achieve. In these cases, the Hero gets what he really needs, rather than what he thought he wanted. And sometimes the yes is bittersweet.

In TITANIC, Jack succeeds in saving Rose’s life, but at the cost of his own.

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