#2 Getting Discovered: Using You Tube

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There was a very popular advert on tv 1986 guess what? I found it on You Tube.

It’s cheesy but that’s the point, what we remember is the great stuff, even if a song made loads of cash and found a high place in the charts, they are forgotten, because what a band or an artist needs is time to develop and grow as a group or performer.
Some of my early stuff I just can’t listen to now, but at the time I was very excited about what I had written.

What is really interesting now, is the public or fans like to watch the artist develop and be involved in the process, so the more stuff you can upload to You Tube, seems to be the way to go. Record a rehearsal anything just get it out there, I would also say the same about face book, it’s really surprising the posts people engage with.

Have a look at this very early clip of Justin Bieber from 2008, you can tell he has something but at this time it’s all a bit rough around the edges, this all looks a bit unrehearsed but at the very least he must have taken some time to learn this cover version.

When people think you are gifted in some way, they may think that you don’t have to work that hard because it looks so easy for you, this is not true because being really good at most things takes a lot of hard work, which is the very opposite of what the first video is suggesting. I will discuss this with you in the next blog.

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