#2 Learn To Dance: Find The Time To Practice

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I don’t teach dance but I do have my own music school with four part time tutors, so I do know what it takes to practice, it’s self discipline. You take your body to the place where you are going to practice and DO IT! Right ok.

Music and Rhythm
Before you do any steps listen to the music first and feel the rhythm just tap your feet and move to the music for now don’t worry about what you look like just feel the music. Now you should begin to understand how important the music is for dancers, dancing is a visual expression of the music, and never forget this.

Take time to listen much more carefully to the music by trying to separate the bass line from the drums eg pick out the bass drum and tap your feet to the beat of the bass drum, now listen to the hi hats and clap that rhythm, etc., Most listeners will listen to the vocal and sing along, but the vocal is the icing on the cake, you are trying to dig into tasty bits in the middle.

Hear but Don’t Listen
Most people can hear music but don’t listen, a dancer needs to learn how to listen like  a musician, imagine your in the band and lets say you are playing the piano, you must hear the beat, the bass the guitar and the vocal, to be able to perform as a group. Think of yourself as part of the band. At the very least…. You need to be on the beat.

Let me illustrate this simple point about music: When you go to a movie the very same thing happens you hear the music but you become so engrossed in the story, that you don’t really listen to the music, it’s not a bad thing it’s just how it is. Why is music synonymous with the movie’s? because music stirs the emotions and it makes us feel…. for the character on the screen either sad happy or anything else in-between.

The dancers first lesson should be to listen to the music that you are going to dance to, because the audience will be watching you! The dancer becomes the focus of attention so you had better get the details of the dance down and ready to go. The reason for this is simple, our most predominant sense is our eyes but our ears are a  close second. So no excuses get to it right! You know I’m right don’t you.

The link is a behind the scenes video of the Ed Sheeran  song “Thinking Out Loud”
Dancing in his video which gives some helpful insight.

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