#2 Learn To Dance: Lets Start at the Very Beginning

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My first encounter with dancing was at school at the ripe old age of about thirteen, what we learned was called Ceilidh dancing for the annual school party. We went to the gym with the girls at one end and the boys at the other, at our school there was twice as many girls as there was boys, not sure why it was like that but, that’s how it was. The boys were simply told to pick a partner, which meant a lot of girls danced with each other, I remember strolling up to a girl and taking her by the hand and dancing with her, I don’t remember anything else but, this was a completely new experience even holding a girls hand. The next dancing lesson was completely different because now it became a competition between the boys to catch the girl you wanted to dance with, all I can tell you about this is that I came out of the dancing lessons with some scrapes and bruises from the other boys in the race to the other end of the gym.

It wasn’t all fun we did learn to dance and I can still do them all to this day, let me list some of them for you.
Gay Gordon’s, Strip The Willow, Canadian Ban Dance, Eight some Reel,
St Bernards Waltz, Dashing White Sergeant, and more.

All the above dances are still very popular at ceilidh’s, weddings etc here in Scotland and I still love to do these dances, you can learn them at the event, if you have the courage to get on the dance floor and have a go, these dances gave me a love for the music and to dance, however it was never as cool as dancing with a girl free style and I’ve never really been comfortable with this, the girls always seemed to get this much better than I could and it was very intimidating dancing with them.

I will give you more details in my next blog, about my dancing, when it became very un-cool to dance a reel and play the accordion. 

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