#2 My First Screenplay: Research

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My parents are both from Edinburgh, and the place to go in Edinburgh for dancing was the Les Palais De Danse (The Palace of Dance) they were very good dancers. When we went to weddings etc, and no-one was dancing, my Mum & Dad would get up and dance like professionals, I was always amazed at that especially my Mum because she was so shy. I asked them why they did that and my Mum said “It’s much better when there’s an empty floor nobody bumps into you”.

Here are some anecdote’s  about the Palais

The Turntable
As told by George Marino; “I remembers the turntable going off the rails one evening and tilting about 30 degrees while the Joe Loss band was playing. The band tried its best to appear utterly unfazed, determined to finish their rendition of ‘I’ll be Loving You Always’.”

The Dance Floor
As told by Graham Simpson; “It was so big, perhaps 80ft by 200ft, that it took some nerve to walk across the empty floor to ask a girl on the other side to dance and you had to have a Plan B so that if someone beat you to it, or the girl looked unwelcoming, you had to be pretending to be looking for someone else, in order to save face.”

The Bouncers
As told by Graham Simpson; “The bouncers at the front door, called euphemistically ‘Assistant Managers’, were all dressed immaculately in dinner suits and bow ties, but they were tough and experienced. Only fools would challenge them. One of these ‘Assistant Managers’ was Tom Connery who lived just down the road, he got a job as the actor Sean Connery”

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