#2 My Top Ten British Big Bands…No 1…Eric Winstone

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Eric Winstone is not as well known as some of the other bands of the era but he is without doubt my personal favourite and comes right in at number 1. He should also be seen as a composer of some note as all songs he wrote are equal to the all time greats from the other side of the pond. He played the accordion and the piano, so I am immediately drawn to him in a personal way because that’s how got started, he also started a music school, so when I listen to his music it feels as if I know him, and I would have, loved to meet him in person but he died on May 2nd 1974.

During World War II his orchestra entertained the forces, and performed at holiday camps after the war. In 1955 a Cinema Scope short of The Eric Winstone Bandshow was made. . During the late 50’s he would compose arrangements for three bands and five radio shows

He was quoted in 1955 as saying that;
With the exception of money, length of working hours, living and working conditions, the price of beer, and the opposite sex, a musician is completely unconcerned about the material things of life.

His personal life was tempestuous, but I’m not going to comment on that because it’s personal.

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