#2 My Top Ten Mistakes as a Songwriter Excluding my Songs from the Set

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I have covered countless songs, it’s what pays the bills. When you write a song, seeking approval is essential, I’m sure there are super confident songwriters who are totally assured about there own work but that certainly wasn’t me. I started to introduce my own songs in a live set of about 13 numbers of which 2 were originals of my own, but they just didn’t connect with my audience, so I left them out thinking that they just weren’t good enough. This was of course a mistake, and I will now try to explain why it was so.

1…The audience; This audience had come to hear my performance of songs they new and loved on their record player or heard on the radio. Nobody ever came up to me and said that they didn’t like them in fact some came and spoke to me after the gig and said how much they did like the songs. The audience was not at fault, it was my expectation about the songs, especially when I played them along with their favourites.

2…Think about it logically with all the emotion laid to one side. Even the best songs need to be heard at least a few times before someone will say I love that song, think of how many times some songs get played on the radio.

3…What I do now is invite my audience to a concert where I play only my own material, when they come along the expectation is completely different, they are excited to be included, for the presentation of the new songs. Everyone in the audience gets a set list with a space for a comment and to give a mark out of ten for each song. I used the results from this to pick the songs for my second EP “Swing Sensation” Good idea isn’t it! but not 100% full proof I will explain why in my next blog.

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