#2 My Top Ten Modern Day Crooners: The Rules

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Rule 1
First lets deal with the song, in my experience crooners like most musicians enjoy diversifying but there needs to be some kind of balance on what works and what doesn’t work.  So if one week he’s a crooner and the next week he does a rap song he can’t be a crooner.

Rule 2
To be a proper crooner, you must use what is called the chest voice, you can move into the head voice but predominantly it’s the lower register that ticks the box for the majority of listeners to this music, usually tenor’s and baritones. In other words he should not sound like the Bee Gees or a modern day boy band.

Rule 3
The crooner has it’s roots in Jazz music, so the vocalist must have a certain amount of skill in adlib and interpretation, which could be just not singing the song the exact same way every time it’s performed.

Rule 4
For a modern day crooner I will be looking for at least some collaboration in song writing, apparently Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire were great collaborators. 

Rule 5
To get into my top ten of modern day crooners, I’m going to ignore all the crooners
who have now passed away. I’m going to concentrate on the current generation, no matter what age they are.

There is plenty of information about all the great crooners, and some are still performing to this day and they will be included, but the legacy of the past is there for anyone to investigate if you have the interest, but as my title states I’m searching for the modern day crooner. I’m going to enjoy doing this project and I hope you will come on this journey with me.

In my next blog I will start with my number 1 modern day crooner. I feel like telling you now but I’ll wait until next week!

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