#2 Screenwriter: Getting Started

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I made up my mind right from the get-go that I would not, be writing a biographical or documentary about the era. I wanted to build the story around the 2 main characters, Eddie & Nannette which are my parents first names but I’ve given them different surnames. What was important to me are the characters, my parents couldn’t be more different to each other even if I tried to make it so. Dad was a character, he used to wind-up me and my younger brothers all the time, and told us endless stories about when he was in the commando regiment during the war, my Dad did 2 years National service after the war.

When I was about 20 I took Mary my girl friend to a commando reunion in Prestwick, it was formal dress and a bit posh. My uncle Shug, who was at the event, so I asked him, if my Dad ever went on a mission with him. He laughed out loud and said this; “Yer faither wis never in the Commando’s, he only did his national service, he’s been windin’ ye up Ronald” I told my Dad this and he just laughed out loud also, and gave me a pat on the back.

My father loved my mother, his family and music, and he was a very good vocalist but only ever learned to sing 2 songs, when relatives came to visit or we visited them, there would always be a sing-song, everybody had to sing a song, my Dad would always be last to sing because he was the best singer and he would never disappoint.

My mother was so lovable and it’s very difficult to put it into words, but she did become a little bolder through time, because Dad was so outgoing and Mr personality. When I was in my mid 30’s I started to tell my mother some stories about school, I was always getting into trouble for talking back to the teachers, which in those days in Scotland, it was not the thing to do, because, they would just take out a leather belt and whack it across the palms of the hands. I told her that I didn’t mean to talk back to the teachers, I just couldn’t stop myself. She said to me “I can tell you, why you did that” I looked at her and said what do you mean? “ when you were very little, just starting to walk, I would argue with you every day” my answer; Why did you do that? “ I didn’t want you to be shy like me, and have people walk all over you as if you were  nothing” my answer; Well you certainly made a good job of that!

So this will just give you a little insight into the characters of my parents, and sure my 3 brothers could give you similar stories.

The photo is left to right: Dad, Mary, Mum, Me, Shug, and Shug’s wife.

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