#2 Short Film on a Shoe String: Your Mates

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I’m a fulltime musician, music teacher and songwriter, which brings me in contact with lots of incredibly talented people, young and old and I’ll give you one or two examples of this.

In the previous blog, I mentioned Darren, he’s my technician, sound man for live gigs, plumber, joiner, electrician and a general  all rounder, for almost everything I do. My recommendation before you start your project is to Find Your Darren, a person that you can rely on, and help you to get the job done.

For some reason, people have been more than happy to help me with my creative projects, and my experience with this first attempt at a short film has been no different. I think it might be my enthusiasm, when I talk about the project, if an individual looks interested and has some skill in an area where I think they could help, I invite them onboard just for the privilege of being involved.

My advice to you is talk to your friends about your project and don’t become down hearted when people refuse, if you want to be a writer, producer or anything connected to the creative industries’ the proverbial thick skin is something you will need to have. If you have a  leaning towards the creative arts, and become accomplished at it, be prepared for the mockers, this doesn’t   mean that you won’t feel hurt, but you must learn to cope with it. When you talk about your project some people will assume you are boasting, and they will try to humiliate you for their own amusement. When you start to see your team unfold, you’ll  soon forget about the mockers.

My two favourite things are song writing and movies, because I’m fairly new at writing a movie, I’ll give you a tip that I’ve learned as a songwriter. Home recording studios started a long time ago and I bought  a package as soon as I could, however it took me years to learn that recording was not my strength, and I quickly got tired of all the knobs and sliders, and it seemed like a lot of time just to produce  something that just sounded okay. What I am good at, is performing, yes! I come alive when I have an audience of two, or two thousand, what I started to do was save a little money from my live gigs. Not something I’ve had the reputation for but I had a very good reason, I wanted to record my music in a proper recording studio with a producer, arranger and session musicians. To produce four professional tracks cost £3,500.00 but I’ve never regretted this, and still consider it to be one of the best creative decisions I’ve ever made.

As suggested in blog one of this series, £3.5k would be considered a very small budget for a short film, but if your team are loyal to you and are prepared to work with you for free, It’s only right and proper that you pay them when you start to earn, from any project you undertake.

Mates who are willing to help you are better than a bag of gold, they are always there for you, and their reward is not just getting paid, they want to help you, even though you seem a bit on the crazy side!

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