#2 Song and Dance Club: The Gig

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I’m pleased to tell you that I made the appointment with the manager, and I’ve to do a solo gig with backing tracks Sunday afternoon 1 – 3pm February 24th. This is like a first date, will they or won’t they like me. This is a new audience but I’m sure I can win them over.

The manager is very keen to start up the club idea and we will begin  in March, on Friday night’s, with the trio and Jan and me on vocals.

The dance lessons before the gig went down very well to, as it is a social club members will get in free but non members will pay to enter £5 seems reasonable. The venue can seat 160

We are not sure yet how regular the gig will be on Friday nights monthly, weekly etc., this will be considered by the committee.

I will do a face book promotion around the local area to draw some new fans, and the manager is going to add a pic of me along with the announcement for the club.

I published a similar blog before, on sending emails to clubs, and a newsletter, but this produced nothing total zero. So the lesson here is simple, get away from the phone the laptop and meet people face to face, I don’t even think you are selling yourself, you just need to have a solid idea about what you want to do and how this will benefit the venue.

The next blog will be about the promotion for the club and I should have something ready to show you and a date to start the promo.

I can’t remember what I was laughing at in this pic, but It’s a good representation of how I feel right now. So get the job done!

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