#2 Tap Dancing Lessons Learning The Steps

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I’m managing to get through some more basic steps, but to be very honest with you learning the steps isn’t to bad, what is very hard indeed is getting the steps into some kind of rhythm.

Last week I practiced a combination routine, which is putting the new steps together into a short routine, I practiced this four mornings together for about 30 minutes per session, eventually the routine and the steps are now memorised, I will try and get a video of me doing this soon, you might not want to dance but you will get a good laugh.

The side benefit of this is, I lost a bit of weight but put it all back on again over the weekend. Here is an interesting one though, during a gig last week I included the song “Twisting The Night Away” which I demonstrate by dancing the twist, usually when I go onto the next number I have a little trouble with it because I’m out of breathe from dancing, now this time when I did the next number I wasn’t out of breathe, this is great because I never liked jogging.

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