#2 To Croon or not to Croon in Reaching the Notes

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#2 To Croon or not to Croon in Reaching the Notes

When I listen back on my first efforts in the recording studio, I have to admit that there is at least 3 area’s where I need to make improvement.

Reaching the right notes may sound obvious but I do need to work on this. I’ve had no formal singing lessons but I do recommend them, I just couldn’t find the time to fit them in to my very hectic schedule. The first session in the recording studio with the band was very tense for me and I found it extremely difficult to relax and I had to go over each song at least four or five times until it was right, when the producer was ok with what I had done I was just relieved to get it finished.

This was my first mistake! I should be in control of what I’m doing after all there my songs, just being relieved to have them finished is completely the wrong attitude. What I have learned from this gaff is this “PRACTIC PRACTICE PRACTICE” I’ve been a musician and a music teacher for 40 years I tell it to my students every day, every week, every month, for years how could I be so stupid? Simple, over confidence music has always come relatively easy to me, so singing is a walk in the park! WRONG

This is what I do now, remember these are original songs with no definitive version to listen to and copy, so it’s up to me to get it right. The first thing I do now before any kind of recording or arrangement of the song, is to find the right key that suites my vocal style of crooning, just because you can sing very high or even very low notes makes no difference at all, how many singing competitions do you listen to? Boring!

Once the key is sorted I then practice each phrase in the song to find where I want to breathe and finding the right note hold and others to be short but at this stage it’s all about the breathing and the control that I need to accomplish the song and get the pitching right. When I’ve finished this I then record myself with vocals only onto any simple recording device and listen for any pitching errors, you will save so much expensive studio time if you do this kind of preparation first.

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