#21 Screenwriter: To Write & Re-Write

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We have been through quite a journey, getting a handle on what our story is about, creating the Central Question, and taking our protagonist through their archetypal stages, from Orphan, to Wanderer, to Warrior, and finally, to Martyr.

You’ve answered all of the questions along the way.  Now, what? Dive right into the screenplay and start writing? Not so fast. Any writer knows (and if you donʼt, you soon will) that writing is rewriting — and writing some more — and tweaking what
youʼve got.

Now, it’s time to get to work refining your story. Spend some time reviewing each step, and evaluate your answer to each question.

Have you set up Act I sufficiently, and do your Yes/No reversals escalate in intensity?

Is your protagonist’s goal compelling enough to keep your audience interested for two hours in a dark theatre?

Is your Deflector someone who can stand up to your Protagonist or are they someone who seems like they would turn tail and run?

Once you answer the questions to your satisfaction, it’s time to start writing  your story. I would definitely recommend screen writing software, which you can format all that you need to write a screenplay.

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