#3 Being A Musician: Finding a Music Teacher

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Once you have your instrument of choice, perhaps tried out a few notes, and you have now worked out that playing this instrument is not as easy as it looks and you would be right in coming to this conclusion. The next logical step is to find someone who can teach you to play your instrument, don’t be tempted to go to a friend, just because someone can play the instrument does not make this person a good teacher.

A teacher by definition is someone who not only plays the instrument but is also capable of explaining to you what you need to do. Adults seem to progress better with private lessons sometimes called one to one lessons and children up to teenagers work better in small peer groups. Music lessons is nothing new, it has been going on for century’s, what is relatively new is the online music lessons, on you tube, it is possible to find lessons for most instruments. What is rare, is well thought out courses and I would recommend a proper website that you can register for lessons, where can contact the teacher personally. A local guitar tutor is probably the best because he/she can respond to your needs as you make progress.

When you have found your teacher, you must remember that they don’t have any fairy dust to sprinkle, where you wake up the next day and suddenly you can play, that only happens in the movies. You will have to work hard not only to play the instrument but all the educational information that is connected with being a musician, please don’t be fooled by bold statements like “Play In A Day” you might learn a few notes and a very simple tune, but let’s face up to the fact, that you need to prepare yourself for some serious hard work.

In the next blog we will find out about what it means to practice and perhaps eliminate a couple of myths.

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