#3 Choosing Your Instrument: Keyboard

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The piano keys in modern times have come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but the traditional piano is still a main-stay, while many of the unusual variants are now only history. I used two electronic keyboards, which in there day were about as cool as it gets, but are now just history. The Farfisa Transicord, and the Vox Continental, I used the Transicord for instrumentals and I used the Vox when I wanted a keyboard sound when I was singing.

The new keyboards that you can buy now, supply incredible variety, with all kinds of rhythms, and voicing, which mostly use sampled voicing which is very realistic, and is mostly catering to solo playing as a leisure pursuit. The other kind of keyboard is a descendent of synthesisers. Gino, the keyboard player in my band has a Roland sound box, which stores every sound invented by the Roland company. He wouldn’t tell me how much he paid for it, so you can assume it cost a  lot.

If you are considering a keyboard you must first decide what it is you want to do.

1..Are interested in playing a traditional keyboard with all the bells and whistles, that
you can play for your own pleasure, friends and family.
2..Or do you want to play in a band using all textures available to the modern
keyboard player.

I think all keyboard players should learn to read music, even if you play chords because everything makes a lot more sense if you understand how chords are put together. There is no substitute for a good teacher, to point you in the right direction, if you’ve learned a lot on your own like me, you can save a lot of wasted time, if you can find the right teacher for what you want to do.

Finally the accordion and the keyboard in the images, only sound so-so compared to what is available now, but I’ve enjoyed my little nostalgia, trip, it’s been fun, so thanks for joining me.

The next blog is the Pop Piano, what a piano that only plays pop? No it’s how to play piano and sing or accompany a singer on the piano.

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