#3 Getting Discovered: Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice Makes Perfect, I dislike this saying because it is often said to students to make them practice more, practice will improve your skills, perfection is another thing entirely.

The idea of being discovered is an enduring legacy from the early days of the music business, but there are remnants of it left over eg The Xfactor, The Voice, The Got Talent series and a host of others. Hopeful contestants take part in the contest to fulfil there dreams, at the risk of sounding sceptical, show business is presented as a dream job but invariably it does not turn out like that, because the contestants are trying to swim in shark infested waters without any swimming  lessons.

What is the first step in becoming a successful musician? Practice, practice, practice.
If you want to be good at any endeavour you must simply work hard at improving your skills. This is easy to say but not so easy to carry it through.

In the next blog I will give you some tips on how to practice and what to practice. 

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