#3 Learn To Dance: Video or Mirror

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To be honest I think this is one of the best things you should put into practice, if you are serious about becoming a dancer. The dance school that I attend has huge mirrors covering the wall, and I managed not to look at myself for about 2 years because I was so focused on getting the steps right. We were learning a new routine for a live show (my first) and one of the women dancers filmed us dancing using her phone, so I asked for a copy, this was my first reality check. When I watched the results it was even worse than I had expected I had my head down almost the whole time.

When I go to the dance school I still need to work twice as hard as everyone else just to get my feet right.  Slowly but surely  I’m beginning to watch myself in the mirror, I still feel a little uncomfortable but I now understand the value of watching the mirror because I can make the necessary adjustments, immediately.

My class is adult tap, which is all woman and me, I get on fine with the woman, it’s just that most of them have been dancing since they were very little girls, so there’s not much that they haven’t done before, so they get the steps after a couple of try-outs.

I’ve moved from beginner to intermediate, but it doesn’t feel any different to me, it all seems very difficult to learn, that is why I use the video feature on my phone. If it’s a new routine, I ask one of the experienced dancers to film it all, sometimes if a step is difficult I film only that, but I ask the teacher if can film her going through the steps.

When I get home I transfer the video file of the routine to my lap top, this is the cringe moment, you will ask yourself — why am I doing this you look absolutely awful. You need to bite the bullet so to speak and go through the pain barrier. Now you can start to analyze the video objectively and practice what you need to work on.

The pic was taken after a dress rehearsal I’m the one in the middle!!! 

If I can do it so can YOU!

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