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This is the exact copy of the newsletter I posted by snail mail to 14 venues and 2 Jazz clubs in Scotland. It will take at least a few weeks before I get a reply if any. I will continue this blog when I get a reply, but I think I will need to follow through in person, to clinch a gig.

Newsletter No 031   2018

Latest News
Radio Play
With over 100 thousand plays on radio, the song “Win Win Win” has now done better than any other song I’ve written or recorded. I’ve done interviews and live performances on radio and the photo was taken at a local radio station with my piano player Gino who play’s  on the recording.

The Trio
The full band is a 10 piece, but it was agreed that it would be more practical in medium size venues to work with piano bass and drums.

The Live Set
I started as a Sinatra tribute, and still perform a lot of the songs, but I new that I didn’t sound like him, but the audience response has been very encouraging. With my confidence raised I couldn’t resist writing some songs in the genre. Stuart of “One Night Stand Music” said of, “How Are You Today” “once more another outstanding track, please keep sharing your music with us”. With 3 EP’s recorded, (12 tracks) the original songs will be included in the live set.

I’ve worked as a fulltime musician for  a long time, I own the Perthshire Music School, a songwriter  and live performer. Phone 01738 451973  for availability, please leave a message if I’m not at home.
Best regards
Ronald Simone

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