#3 Music In My Opinion: Being Different

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I think the biggest challenge for musicians now in the global market, is being able to stand out as something different, but I just can’t see this happening, because there are already so many different genre’s of music. I would love to be proved wrong on this point, but different has been done so many times, most people will just stick with what they know.

My answer to this conundrum is to pick a genre, that suits you and your style of music, and try and tap into this audience in your locality. Cover songs are the best way to learn your craft, once you have the covers in the bag, try writing a song in that genre/style and include it in your set list, if it goes down well, write a second song now you have two tracks you can sell at the next gig.

If you have, even a small bunch of fans get them involved , ask them to find their local radio stations face book page. Give them a business card, with a message on the flip side of the card, to write on face Book, when they are all gone, get new business cards with the wording of the message slightly different.

Give your first CD/vinyl etc FREE to your fans along with the business card, or you could do the same thing with a signed photograph.

The day’s of being discovered are long gone, what the industry are looking for, is a small business, that they think could make more for them, it sounds cynical, but it’s a basic truth that’s why they call it the music Business. How good you sound is only the bate on the hook, to catch the big fish.

All you need to remember are, the three P’s
Promote More
Promote and Never Stop Promoting

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