#3 My First Screenplay: Research: Transport

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Have you ever watched a movie that is say 10 years old but at the time it was produced, it represented the latest thing in fashion and technology, as soon as you watch you can identify the old computer screen, TV, in fashion,  did really wear that, or how about that car.

Being up to date and current is great but we deal with the world we live in every day anyway.  I think a good example of that is the James Bond Franchise, which is 100% dependent on the latest technology or an insight on what technology is to come, the shelve life is very short indeed. I’m  not criticising  anything I’m only speaking from a personal point of view.

What I love about retro, it’s a bit like time travel, you take a journey with a story and gradually you start to get an impression of what it was like in that time period. I don’t like TV that makes judgements based on the standards or values that we have now, because we assume that we know better, which is not necessarily true, by going back in time we get a better understanding of the values the right’s, the wrongs of the period, that we are taking a snap shot off.

If you are lucky enough to have an Aston Martin DB2, imagine a friend say’s this to you “Would you like to drive my Aston Martin DB2” are you going to say “it’s a bit to old fashioned for me” I don’t think so.

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