#3 My Genre Improvising

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Improvising or ad lib describes what most musicians do when they are performing, jazz and blues have made this an art form. Sometimes an improvisation becomes part of a song and the song just wouldn’t sound the same without it. Musicians have always done this so it is nothing new for example Mozart could improvise spontaneously for at least an hour without repeating himself.

I am mostly self taught and listening and improvising is what I’ve grownup with most students find this very difficult indeed, so what we do is give the student scales that match with certain chords, it takes sometime before the student starts to feel comfortable but the students that persevere love it and become very accomplished.

Being a lead vocalist with my style as a crooner has not come easily to me, however what I did discover was this; When I started learning the songs I would improvise when practicing the song, I could never get it right, so what I decided to do was just copy the original artist and then perform it that way. I have now become very familiar with the songs that I started with, and what happens now is amazing, when I’m performing live I just ad lib in a very natural way, I don’t practice, it just seems to happen, so much so, that when I was recording one of my own songs I did an ad lib, the producer said to me “what did you do in that bit of the song? I said “I don’t know” producer said “well we’re keeping it in”

If you are working on improvisation just stick with it, it will feel as if you will never get it, but when the music starts to flows out of you, it is one of the best feelings you will ever experience.

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