#3 My Top Ten Modern Day Crooners: No 1…Michael Buble`

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Michael Buble` is one of the few artists that has the ability to get a universal thumbs up from almost everybody and it comes as no surprise that he is hugely popular. To be honest I think this is due to his personality, he just seems like the kind of guy that you would love to hang out with. All you have to do at a gig is mention his name, a bit like this “I’m going to do this great song and it’s the Michael Buble` version” and all the women go weepy eyed .

However it’s for none of the above reasons that he is my number one crooner, he just simply ticks all the box’s on my list of rules, but there is one extra reason why he has got to be number 1 and it is this. When Buble` burst onto the international scene it was followed by a massive resurgence of the genre, it suddenly became cool to be a crooner, and for this alone I literally take my hat of to him and say “Thank very much Michael, we couldn’t have done it without you”.

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